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Our company offers comprehensive development services, including frontend, backend, and deployment. Our team of experienced developers will work with you to bring your vision to life, handling all technical details so you can focus on growing your business.

Our development services are offered in three different modes, with monthly pricing that varies based on the mode chosen:

The Basic mode is ideal for maintenance, ad-hoc support, and on-demand bug fixes. All work is typically estimated in advance, and approval from the client is required before work begins. This mode is well-suited for tasks such as minor enhancements, code cleanup, and regular bug fixes.

The Medium mode consists of a dedicated team of 1-2 full-time software developers working at a standard pace. Additional support staff may be brought in as needed to assist with the project. This mode is best suited for production support, ongoing feature development (non-urgent), and bug fixes and minor enhancements.

The Full Team mode includes 4 or more full-time software developers, an architect, QA, UI/UX, and a project manager working at full speed on regular enhancements, tweaks, bug fixes, or new feature development. This mode features efficient and rapid development and testing cycles with a regular release plan. It is perfect for ongoing development and supporting live users every day, sustainment, project rescue (3-8 months), MVP to v1 (2-6 months), and design to MVP (2-4 months).

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