Woocommerce e-commerce bug duplicated orders

Have you found duplicated orders in your woocommerce dashboard?
the same customer, same products, a few minutes of difference in the creation of the order…

Recently a customer reported having duplicated orders in their site. After doing some research and not finding any clue in the error logs we digged into the official repository using our beloved Google. I love how in GTP-days saying you googled something sounds differently.

I landed on this github issue este https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/14541 that reported Duplicated orders are being created.

The fix is linked in the same issue, but it is not yet released. Probably the problem doesn’t affect all Woocommerce sites but our customer’s Linux centOS setup probably is behind the issue. One user reports about a change of version of Apache fixing it, but doesn’t say which.

We installed WP-Super cache in stealth mode and setup the fix before the official release. The fix can be found here. Mitigating this problem took 6 hours of debugging, investigation and validations. We can say the site is now stable selling as usual without customers paying twice for their orders.

  • After installation no more duplicated orders were seen.